In the month of mothers, most people in Colombia and even in the world are used to giving our mothers invitations to restaurants, trips, clothes, flowers, and many other things, but at this point in our lives, when the world begins to change and our way of buying also, we must be creative and begin to look at what are the gifts that truly work for our mothers at this time, since the gifts that we were used to giving them, will be more difficult to get, for That is why we should think of gifts that are more useful and generate some kind of benefit at this time of life for our mothers.

In this article we give you options that you can give to mom and that will surprise her:

  1. Comfortable clothes or pajamas. This gift will be a good option, since teleworking and time at home increased and many times the clothes we had for the house were not the best.

  1. household appliances: At this time all people, including mothers, are using kitchen appliances much more to make different recipes and different dishes for their family, avoiding falling into monotony.

  1. Spa at home or skin products: Taking advantage of the fact that we have a little more free time in our homes, mothers want to spend time taking care of their skin and body, giving them creams or products for skin care is an excellent option in this season.


  1. Girdles or control garments: As mentioned above, mothers are taking advantage of the time to take care of themselves and what better option than to give them a control garment (MariaE girdles) to take care of their body while working or doing housework or taking care of their children. , helping to take care of your figure during this quarantine.

  1. Exercise clothing: One of the activities we can do at home during this quarantine is exercising to take care of our body and health and giving sports clothes that mold and generate compression in the body will be an excellent gift to help our mothers stay in shape. form during quarantine.