Choosing the right size for your girdle is not an easy task, since. It really depends on several factors that we must take into account when choosing:

First of all, experience or preference in relation to girdles is essential. Some women whose body is already used to wearing a girdle choose to wear one of a smaller size every time because they are reducing measures, or their bodies are molded, which allows the size to be smaller.

In case of not having any experience, or, if it is the first time wearing a girdle, women are usually fearful, buying one size larger that would not fit. This considering that they do not want to have a very close-fitting garment. Nevertheless, Fajas MariaE gives advice to each client regarding the size considering aspects such as pants size or even a sizing table for hip and waist measurements. Based on this, we offer you the perfect size for you.

How can I know which is the perfect girdle for my size?

When it comes to sizes, we leave the clients free will. In case they require a larger or smaller size according to their preference, we inform them that the changes made in the brand are only size related. We do not money refunds or a change of reference.