eco process

In Fajas MariaE we are commited with the environment

Our garments are made with Eco Friendly textiles, since we use production processes that reduce the impact of industrial activity, such as the reduction of water and energy consumption, gas emissions as well as the reuse and recycling of waste to preserve the planet's resources.

At Fajas MariaE we are committed to the environment

In addition, we have strived to train and accompany our personnel from our production plant, to raise awareness of conservation and care for our planet, focusing on the proper use and reuse of natural and industrial resources.

On the other hand, we have the following:

The company has an integral management plan manual that describes the final disposal of waste generated by the company.

Cardboard and plastic: they are used and reused until they lose their natural resistance; at the end of their useful life, they are delivered to the recycling area.

Fabric: We have a programming and plotting software that allows us to minimize waste that is generated in the cutting process. This lets to an efficient use of resources and environmentally responsible practices.

In Fajas MariaE we are commited with the environment



Water: the company has rainwater collection tanks, which allows us to have this important resource available for the different internal activities.

Energy: The company has state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that help reduce energy consumption.