We all want to feel and look good, but sometimes we limit ourselves to wearing certain clothes because we don't like how they fit us. Here 10 reasons why to start wearing a girdle.

It helps you tone your body

It is the ideal complement to shape your body. The use of a girdle, along with an exercise routine and a good diet, are the key to get the body you have always dreamed of.

You feel comfortable and confident

It helps you feel more comfortable and sure of yourself. You can dress in the garment you want without having to think about whether you have those rolls when sitting or standing.

Wide variety of styles

Currently there are girdles for all types of bodies and needs. At Fajas MariaE we offer postpartum, post-surgical, daily use girdles, with different levels of adjustment, different heights and a variety of colors. You have multiple options and you can choose the one that favors you the most.

Girdles help you in your postpartum process

If you have just come out of a pregnancy, a girdle will be your ally when it comes to recovering your figure. Going back to the body you had before your pregnancy will no longer be a problem.

10 reasons to wear a girdle Mariae

They can support your post-surgical recovery

In case you have just come out of cosmetic surgery, don't worry, a girdle will be in charge of your post-surgical care; this will no longer be a concern for you.


 You will go unnoticed

When it comes to dresses or tight garments, don't worry, we also have special girdles to cover these needs, so that you can wear tight garments feeling beautiful and empowered. Your girdle will be unnoticed.

It is a complement to your sports routine

Do you like to exercise and want to get better results? A sports girdle is ideal for your workouts. It helps you to optimize your efforts.


It helps you watch your posture

If you want to stylize your body, and at the same time take care of your posture, a girdle will be your best partner to achieve it.

It enhances your buttocks

We also have the right girdle to tone your buttocks. This girdle will help you highlight that part of your body and shape it to your preference.

It helps you improve your self -esteem

Improving is a process and we shouldn't be ashamed of it. The desire to look and feel good is related to our self-love. Supporting each other makes this path easier, having a girdle from us is even better.

Let us move away from the fears and dare to show your body as you have always dreamed of.