1. We are in a situation of reinventing ourselves, where we stop in life to think, reflect and take advantage of the time to be with family, to read, to study, to cook, to take care of ourselves, things that perhaps we had not done due to lack of time and for other reasons. Now is the time to start taking care of ourselves and thinking about us and in this article we are going to give you recommendations to start taking care of our body while we are at home: 1. Teleworking: working from home has become a new model that is being adapted in most companies in the world and that is why we must think about our body while working from home, maintain good posture, and this is achieved improve and care with the help of the girdles. Wearing girdles while working at home is an excellent option to keep your back straight and your abdomen contracted while you work at home
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  1. Food at home: When we are at home 24 hours a day, we think a lot about eating and perhaps this will make us gain weight, for this reason to keep our figure the best option is to wear a girdle daily, since we It will allow us to keep our body contracted and molded and thus avoid getting fat.

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  1. 3. We must bear in mind that the girdles are not magical and that they will not automatically lose weight, you must have a plan of care in your diet and the practice of exercise, but they will help you keep your body in good physical condition and avoid increasing weight and keep your curves molded.

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  1. Exercising at home: Exercising at home is a necessity at the moment to avoid sedentary lifestyle, stay active and not gain weight, and what better option to accompany this type of activity with sportswear that helps us keep skin firm , to reduce measurements in abdomen and legs and complement with the latex girdles, belts, leggings and reducing girdles of MariaE, which help to increase our temperature, sweat more, reduce measurements and achieve weight loss much easier and faster.

  1. Watching movies, series or studying while we are at home: One of the activities that most people are doing at home is watching series, movies or studying and, like teleworking, it is a quite sedentary activity that can lead us to gain weight and more if we do these activities by eating snacks, soft drinks or foods that make us fat, so an option so that this does not happen is to use MariaE belts and in this way we can avoid avoiding chubby that we did not have, go up of weight and maintain a good posture, the abdomen contracted while we watch a movie, television or study. 

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