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How to choose the right size for my girdle? 


We know that choosing the right size for your girdle is not an easy task, so whenever you need personalized advice, you can contact us. WhatsApp or follow the following recommendations: 

  • It is important that you bear in mind that the size of your girdle may vary according to your taste, since there are many women who are used to wearing a girdle and each time they want to wear a smaller size because they are reducing measurements or their body is shaping, giving shape to the figure, which allows the sizing to be smaller. Therefore, if this is the first time you are going to wear girdles, choose a larger size.
  • Increase the use of the garment gradually so that your body adapts to the level of compression.
  • If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger one.
  • Finally, carefully follow the steps below to find out what your size is. 

Size Guide for Shapewear

You can guide yourself according to the size of your pants or according to the following measurement table:
1. Measure the contour of your waist just above your navel
2. Measure the contour of your hips at the most protruding part.

    Size Guide for Bras

    1. Measure the lower contour of your bust.
    2. Measure the contour of your bust at the most protruding part.

    Size guide for Men

    1. Measure the contour of your chest.
    2. Measure around your waist just above your belly button.

    Chinrest Size Guide

    1. Measure the circumference from your chin to your head.
    2. Measure the contour of your neck.
    3. Measure the outline of your head.

    Size Guide for Sleeves

     1. Measure the contour of your arm at the biceps.
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