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How do I put on my MariaE Girdle?

We know that sometimes putting on a girdle could become difficult if we are not used to wearing control garments. That is why we leave you the following steps and a video so that you do not fail in the attempt: 

Step 1

Insert your feet into the girdle and check that the side seams are located on the sides of the legs and raise the girdle, fitting it completely at the hips. 
If your girdle has a silicone band, fold it out so it doesn't stick to your skin while you adjust it.

Step 2

Put both straps and adapt them to suit you. 

Step 3

Button from the bottom up. If your girdle is a closure, adjust the internal clasps, raise the closure of the belt and secure the top clasp.
Remember that if your girdle is free-bust, the upper contour of the garment must be on top of the bra. 

Step 4

To go to the bathroom, your girdle can have different types of opening: panty type, closure, snaps or open. You can also put on an additional panty that you must use outside the girdle.


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