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Exchange policy

MariaE products are made under optimal quality standards, it is necessary to follow the recommendations on their use, care and conservation.


  • Before making your purchase, verify your size, allow the help of our advisers.
  • The time to make a product change is thirty (30) calendar days from the purchase or from the day of receipt of the product, acquired in one of our exclusive points of sale of FAJAS MARIAE or through one of our channels of catalog sales or online sales.
  • According to the certification of the company before INVIMA through article 12 of decree 4725 of 2005, the free contamination of the product must be guaranteed, therefore the company can decide whether to accept or reject a request for change depending on the status of the product.
  • Changes must be made at the point of sale where it was purchased.
  • To make any type of change it is essential to present the invoice.
  • The product must be in perfect condition, it must contain its identification label and packaging.
  • Used products do not have any exchange rate.
  • In the first instance, a size change is made, if there is no size availability, a change can be requested for another color of the same reference in the required size.
  • If the reference in size or color is not available, the change can be made for another reference. If there is a balance in favor of the client, it must be spent.
  • Only one (1) product change can be made.
  • In case you are in another city, you must send your personal data including the guide number to our email contacto@fajasmariae.com, in this way the quality department will monitor the product and give a prompt response to the request.
  • The customer assumes all shipping costs.
  • Brazilian-type products or references, bodys, panties have no change nor can they be tried on.
  • Promotional products have no change.


MariaE products are made under optimal quality standards, it is necessary to follow the recommendations on their use, care and conservation.

  • The warranty period for the product is 30 calendar days.
  • The guarantee covers quality defects in supplies and clothing.
  • To make the warranty claim effective, the product must be delivered to one of our FAJAS MARIAE points of sale, presenting the purchase invoice.
  • The quality department of Fajas MariaE will evaluate the product within a maximum period of 5 business days.
  • If it is evidenced through quality inspections that the product has been modified or manipulated in its design, preparation or supplies through a third party, it loses its guarantee.
  • If quality defects are evident in the supplies or in the preparation, the affected parts will be repaired or replaced.
  • If the product shows quality damage which cannot be repaired or replaced according to the criteria of the FAJAS MARIAE quality department, the product will be changed.
  • Product warranty claim is not accepted if, after making the respective quality evaluation, a misuse is evidenced; example: forcing the product or its components or not following the suggestions and recommendations on the care of the same.
  • For hygiene and health, the product must be delivered in adequate cleaning conditions.
  • The warranty claim does not generate any additional cost on supplies or labor.
  • Our sales consultants will take all your respective data to give a timely response within the established days.


If you have any claim regarding the product or service, you can contact us as follows:

  • Through our national toll free line 01-8000- 423670 where they will provide you with all the necessary advice.
  • Through our email contacto@fajasmariae.com
  • Through our online chat from our website www.fajasmariae.com.
  • Hours of operation Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.
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